A Guide to Sell a Laptop on eBay

Selling your laptop on eBay is easy if you know what to expect from the process. If you’re trying to sell any item, consider properly analyzing it and determining if it’s in an appropriate condition to sell so you don’t end up with a problem down the road.

Make sure you make note of any missing parts, broken hinges, bad batteries, or just simply not in great condition of your laptop in the listing, otherwise, you will lose points! The description of an item on eBay is crucial for buyers. Be sure to accurately describe everything on your listing before you post it.

Step By Step Guide of Selling  for laptops on eBay

Step By Step Guide of Selling  for laptops on eBay

Step By Step Guide of Selling  for laptops on eBay

Step 1: Consider these factors before selling:

Are you willing to go the extra mile to sell your laptop? Do not forget you will still need to pack your laptop, pay eBay fees, generate a shipping label, and have your package shipped with FedEx or UPS.

  • Does your laptop appear to have been buried under a bridge?
  • Is there any way that you can make the sale of your laptop by lying about its current condition?
  • How does the laptop work properly for the buyer? Is there something missing?

In order to avoid potential trouble, you may want to avoid listing your laptop on eBay if any of these questions are answered “yes”. There is one exception: If you describe your machine perfectly, you can still sell it. Despite its bad condition, a defective product can still be sold. Possibly someone will acquire it as a part.

Step 2: Building a Good eBay Profile

You want to sell your laptop right away, right? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just set up an eBay account and sell it right away? Generally, this is how things work, but there are certain conditions to meet. Considering you’re just somebody on the internet without any credibility, a buyer wants to know if they are making a purchase from someone they can trust.

If you want to build positive feedback on your eBay account, you may want to buy a few inexpensive items first. So, other eBay users can bid with confidence on your laptop based on your feedback.

Additionally, you need to choose a good username. A professional-looking and confident design should be your choice. Ninjaboy69 is so unusual a username that no one wants a laptop from him!

Step 3: Learn About the Costs of Selling on eBay

Your laptop’s value will be a determinant of how much it will cost to list it, so you should determine what it is worth before you begin the listing process. Knowing about additional costs is important for you to realize that you’re trying to make a profit.

eBay categorizes seller fees in the United States into different categories. A fee structure differs according to whether the seller is a private or commercial seller. In most categories, you can expect to pay a 10% commission to eBay, which covers the mediation.

The sale will cost you more if you use PayPal (which is highly recommended for security reasons), as they add 35 cents to each transaction and a percentage to the final sale price.

Step 4: How Much Is Your Laptop Worth?

Similar items on eBay are listed with their latest sale price, so you can see what has recently been sold. You can quickly find out what you can expect to receive for your laptop by searching eBay for similar models and checking the “Items sold” box.

In addition, you should ensure you calculate the shipping costs correctly, otherwise, you will likely have to pay more. eBay’s shipping tool is the best way to do this since it calculates prices based on the buyer’s location automatically. There is one disadvantage to this; the buyer knows how much shipping and the item will cost separately. Some buyers may stay away from bidding on your laptop due to high shipping costs.

Step 5: Make the auction low so bargain-hunters will find

The listing price is high for your listing. Instead, begin at a lower level to grab attention. It won’t be long before there is a bidding war at the end of the auction. Finally, you will receive a good price for the laptop.

It is important to keep in mind that this trick does not always work. It can backfire if you try to sell your laptop at a time when no one is looking for one! As a result, act accordingly. During the holidays or even during the summer, it is a good time to sell.

Step 6: Make Sure You Take Good Pictures of Your Laptop

You are more likely to get a good price for your laptop if you take good pictures of it. Your computer will bring a much higher price if you can give buyers a clear picture of its condition. Take photos of any additional accessories included with the laptop you are selling. It should be clear to see everything in the pictures, whether it is accessories or the original packaging.

Good photos can be taken with just about any camera, even a smartphone! It is always best to use natural daylight to get the clearest images. However, an additional source of light (a desk lamp) can make a difference. You should only use light sources that don’t cast shadows.

You are allowed to upload 12 pictures for free with your listing! You will have to pay a small fee if you want to add more photos. It’s more than enough to have 12 pictures!

Step 7: It’s Important to Timing

You should plan when you would like to start and end your auction before posting your laptop on eBay. In general, Sundays are better for closing out since this is when the majority of casual shoppers are browsing.

Consequently, auctions ending on Sunday evenings usually fetch the highest amounts. To attract the maximum number of buyers, start your auction on Thursday if you’re wanting a ten-day auction.

Step 8: Detail Your Laptop Description

Listed on eBay, you need to write a compelling description for your laptop. It is very important that you take the time to craft a great description since a good one can mean the difference between the item selling or not.

Use as many characters as you want in your ad title on eBay, so use it to your advantage. As much information as possible should be included here. Ensure that funny characters or checkmarks are not used. Use the space and provide important data such as: Model, Processor, RAM, HD size, condition (new, excellent condition), color, etc.

Step 9: Accept PayPal as a Payment Option

It is crucial for your business to accept PayPal payments – even if there are annoying fees associated with each sale, you must offer PayPal. PayPal is loved by buyers because it is safe and easy to pay with just a few clicks.

Step 10: Another Consideration:

After the Sale, the Work Is Still Not Done!

Relaxation is not yet possible! If the sale is completed, you should then send a confirmation email to the buyer during which you will bill them for the entire amount, including shipping costs. eBay Seller platform sends out the email automatically with just a click; you don’t have to write anything.

Once you’ve received payment, you should also send another email to your buyers to let them know when the laptop will be shipped. When you communicate effectively, you’re likely to receive positive feedback without even asking.

Be careful not to overestimate the time of shipping when sending the laptop and make sure you send it as soon as possible. A seller who estimates that the laptop will arrive in two days will receive a negative review. Likewise, an eBay seller who estimates the laptop will arrive in three days will reach out to eBay.

You should leave your buyer a great review after the transaction has been completed. In turn, many turn the favor back to you, and you will end up receiving some positive feedback as well!

Step 11: Be sure to keep proof of postage

Make sure to send your laptop as an insured package via UPS or FedEx, and keep a copy of the tracking number for your records. However, there are some eBay black sheep who claim their item is still not delivered, even when it has already arrived.