How to Play or Connect NES & SNES Classic to a Laptop

It’s hard to ignore retro games, even if they’re live-streamed. Regardless of what modern games are like, our passion for the older NES and SNES games remains unwavering! I like playing all kinds of games, from Super Mario to Zelda, to old-fashioned box games like Punch-Out to retro PC games like The Sims and RuneScape. With the release of Nintendo’s Classic Mini, these games can be played on your TV again. How about playing NES and SNES games on the go using a laptop or a PC as well? See what’s in store for you by reading on.

How to Connect NES/SNSES Classic to a Laptop

NES Classic Is It Possible To Play On Laptops? Retro games are awesome; regardless of whether modern games are in vogue, we always have a soft spot for the old NES and SNES games! I appreciate classic PC games such as Sims and Iron Skye Video Game, as well as popular Super Mario games.

Playing Classic Money on TV is now easy thanks to Nintendo’s release of Classic Money. You probably already know this, but how about NES Classic on laptops? More information can be found by continuing to read.

Connecting with an HDMI port

NES or SNES consoles require an HDMI input port for connection to your laptop. Almost all laptops on the market do not come with any input ports except for the very top of the line machines. The only laptop which has an HDMI port we have seen is the Alienware series. Those consoles can be connected if you have one of them.

Connecting with an HDMI port

Connecting with an HDMI port

It will power up through the USB port on your laptop if you try to connect using the HDMI out, but you won’t be able to see anything on your laptop screen. I’d say the HDMI input is a rather uncommon feature, and there is always an output port in addition. Your laptop would have one, so you would be 100% aware of it. There are usually two HDMI ports on a laptop with both labelled “HDMI in” and “HDMI out”. If your laptop only has one HDMI port then it won’t work!

However, there are a few other options out there so you can play your favorite NES/SNES titles on your laptop. RetroPi is often installed on a Raspberry Pi card, but that means you have to purchase other equipment and go through a super complicated process to get things working. How about if you’re riding a train, for instance? In that case, the Pi serves no purpose! This can actually be solved much more effectively! In addition to your favorite games, you can also play them on your computer using an emulator.

One of the best things about these games is that they don’t require an extra device! Laptops are capable of playing them directly. No matter if you are a Windows user or a Mac user, you can take advantage of this service. All your favorite games can be played on any operating system using an emulator. Emulators are actually pieces of software that emulate the old consoles that were used in the past. A game emulator ensures that the games run correctly on your computer, and the games can be downloaded.

Since emulators are available in many varieties, one advantage is that there are many different types available. From the 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System to a Super Nintendo Classic to a Game Boy, they can all be accessed via emulators. To use this emulator, you need a computer, a controller, and an emulator. You can also purchase retro controllers with a USB connection if you want to make it more fun. One of those old NES controllers is really cool to have; it’s like stepping back in time!

Emulate retro games on your PC

The gaming world has changed dramatically over the past 25 years. We have become nostalgic creatures even though today’s games are faster, better, and more powerful than ever before. Therefore, playing those old games again is a joy! However, how do you go about it? Have you installed emulators for every console ever made? It turns your PC into a massive retro gaming emulation.

Emulate retro games on your PC

Emulate retro games on your PC

Our article shows you how to use the software to play classic NES and SNES games on your laptop. This emulator will cater to all your gaming needs from a single emulator that takes care of all your setup needs.

EmulationStation and RetroArch

It’s necessary to have both RetroArch and EmulationStation on your laptop to play games, such as those from the Nintendo 64 and Super Nintendo, within a single environment. Getting started with any of these programs requires that you know what each of them does.

Emulation of your gaming console is handled by RetroArch software. It may have the power under the hood, but the emulators and games cannot be launched graphically. It would be quite inconvenient to have to enter different commands for each emulator and game. Because of that, we must also install EmulationStation. The body of the car you control is EmulationStation, not RetroArch.

Installing and Configuring the Software

Installing and configuring the programs are not that difficult, but the configuration requires a bit more effort. RetroArch is available for download on the internet. The file should be downloaded and unzipped with WinZip or 7-Zip. EmulationStation can be downloaded on the internet, and then installed following the instructions.

RetroArch can be frustrating to set up if you don’t have the right guide. Clicking on the interface results in funny behavior. In RetroArch, navigation is done with the keyboard and arrow keys as ‘Enter’ and ‘arrow’ keys do not support a mouse.

If you’d like to use a controller (such as an old compatible SNES controller), you can plug it into your computer without any problems. The menu can then be controlled with it. The keyboard can be used to navigate to Settings>Input> Binds User 1> Bind All if it is not configured already. After that, you can decide which button should be assigned to which function.

Video Settings for RetroArch

After setting up your controller (optional; you can also use your keyboard to control games), it is time to adjust your video settings. Thankfully others have already done this for you, so you won’t have to figure out these settings on your own.

You must first select the GL option for the Video Driver under Settings / Driver inside RetroArch. From there, you can select the Vsync option under Settings / Video. The Hard GPU Sync option is also an option you should enable! Don’t forget to select sync, too, if it’s not already selected.


SEGA and PlayStation were also popular gaming consoles during the 1990s, along with NES and SNES. Today, various emulators enable gamers to play old games on their computers.

Emulators for consoles are available on the internet and they all work similarly. The reason I was more interested in RetroArch was that it is a single solution that you can use on any console. The following emulators are worth checking out if you want to learn more about them: