How To Remove Computrace From a Laptop

What is the best way to remove Computrace from a laptop? Security padlocks and security wires are no longer effective in preventing computer theft. Computrace modules are installed on the motherboard of computers. Using GPS signal, it can send instructions about its location without requiring a computer. A permanent option for securing your computing devices is to enable this feature.

The Computrace feature is not available on every computer, and it is also disabled in many of the computer’s input and output systems. Turn computers permanently on or off in the BIOS menu of your computer. Once you make the change, you can’t reverse it.


  1. Because Computrace LoJack does not include Laptop Premium, this could be a problem.
  2. It is not possible to process Uninstall Computrace LoJack because you don’t have enough access.
  3. This installation could not be completed because the required file could not be run.
  4. Not all files were successfully installed, so an error has occurred.
  5. The file can also be used to prevent the laptop premium from being installed on the computer premium.
  6. The installation of Computrace LoJack left behind files and folders on the hard drive.

Here’s how you can remove Computrace from your computer step by step

How To Remove Computrace From a Laptop-Step by step

Compared to when padlocks and security wires were the only form of computer theft security, today’s methods are far more sophisticated. Computerrace is a computer module that is installed on the computer’s motherboard. By sending a GPS signal to its location, it works independently of a computer. In addition to more secure computing, activating or enabling this feature is a permanent solution. It’s true that not every computer comes with Computrace, but the ones that do can have it deactivated from the system’s input and output. Turn on or off Computrace from the BIOS menu of your computer. Once you do this, you cannot change it back.

Step #1

On a laptop, hold down the “Power” button on the tower or the top of the keyboard bezel to turn the computer off.

Step #2

Once the developer’s logo appears on the screen, turn on the computer. The BIOS menu can be accessed when the BIOS access key appears on the screen. Although BIOS keys vary across manufacturers, most computer makers activate the BIOS menu by pressing “Dell” or “F2” (see Resources).

Step #3

The “Security” tab can only be selected using the keyboard, since the computer mouse cannot be used. You can choose between three options here. Most likely, the “Inactive” choice has already been made.

Step #4

You can permanently disable computers on your computer by selecting “Disable” and pressing “Enter” on your keyboard. You won’t be able to reactivate the computer module once it is disabled. Confirm that you want “Inactive” as the selection by pressing “Enter” again.

Step #5

To save the changes, press the “F10” key, and the computer will boot into the operating system.

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Here is another method for removing Computrace from a laptop

Method 1: Uninstall Computrace LoJack through the programs.

#1. Open programs & features

The Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems include these features. Click Start, then browse for the program you wish to uninstall, and finally click Result.

Microsoft Windows 8.1, Windows 8 & Windows 10 come with this feature. To open Programs and Features, hold down the Windows and X keys together.

#2. Then you can click Uninstall in the list to uninstall Computrace LoJack for Laptop Premium.

Method 2: Use the uninstaller.exe of Computrace LoJack for Laptop Premium.

Uninstall.exe or uninst000.exe is the executable file on most laptop computers. Computrace LoJack for Laptop Premium includes these files in the Installation Folder.

  1. Install Computrace LoJack in the Laptop Premium installation folder.
  2. Installation is required. You can use X or uninstall000.exe.
  3. After clicking its uninstaller file, follow the instructions of the wizard to uninstall Computrace LoJack.

Method 3: Using System Restore to uninstall Computrace LoJack.

Windows features a system restore function, which allows users to revert to the original state of their system and remove programs that interfere with computer functionality. Consider installing a plan after creating a system restore point. When that happens, System Restore can be used to repair your computer and eliminate unwanted programs. It is recommended that you back up your data and files before restoring your system.

  1. Ensure that no programs or files are open.
  2. Select Properties by right-clicking My Computer on the laptop. You will see the system window.
  3. From the System window, select the System Protection option on the left. A window called System Properties appears.
  4. Your laptop’s screen will display the System Restore window after clicking on the System Restore option.
  5. Select another recovery point & click Next.
  6. From the list, choose a date and time format, then click Next. It would be best if you pointed out that some programs and drivers might not function properly after the selected time and date, requiring reinstallation.
  7. In order to confirm your restore point, click Finish once the confirmation window appears.
  8. Confirm again by clicking Yes.

Method 4: Uninstall Laptop Premium by reinstalling Computer Jack.

Corrupt or missing files will prevent this program from being uninstalled. The solution to such a problem may be to reinstall Computer Jack for Laptop Premium. Install the program by running the installer from the original disk or by downloading it. You can sometimes repair or install a program in the installer.

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FAQS (remove Computrace from a laptop?)

Should I disable Computrace?
When Windows is embedded into the Computrace, you are at risk of system corruption. It is possible to turn off and on Computerrace. People with disabilities who kill each other for good are doing the right thing.

How do I find Computrace on my computer?
Computrace in the system – How can I detect it? Using Task Manager or the same-named file in the C: Windows System 32 directory is the most efficient and easiest method. There is a problem with compressed data.

Does replacing BIOS chips remove Computrace?
When the BIOS is flashed, will the Computrace be removed? The BIOS part of it is rigid. If it were the ROM, it would be in there.

Can a Dell laptop be tracked if stolen?
In the event of a lost or stolen laptop, users should contact Dell Laptop Tracking and Recovery Support center in accordance with the applicable customer service agreement. This information will be reviewed by our Dell Laptop Computrace Tracking & Recovery Team.

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