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The Certified Bookkeeper (CB) program is not basic bookkeeping—it does not teach novices to become bookkeepers. The Certified Management Accountant certification will help you to secure a office manager position, which will increase your pay and career trajectory. A office manager’s average salary is $43,471 whereas bookkeepers make an average salary of $40,337. The best certifications for a bookkeeper are Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Bookkeepers Certification, and International Accredited Business Accountant (IABA).

  • Accounting is not just a matter of fulfilling compliance or standard obligations; it is an essential element of operational management control.
  • Bookkeeping jobs focus heavily on recording financial transactions and maintaining records of those transactions.
  • Both offer similar benefits regarding membership, resources and renewable credentials.
  • If you want to retake either of the first parts of the CB exam, the fee is $60.
  • After your 7-day free trial period ends, the certificate costs $39/month in the US and Canada as part of Coursera’s subscription service.
  • You have one year from the date of purchase to take and pass the exam.

Both the AIPB and the NACPB support the bookkeeping profession, offer membership benefits, and provide professional development opportunities. Both CPB and CB credentials are widely recognized and respected in the U.S. Learn the complete accounting cycle -recording business transactions to presenting the Balance Sheet & Income Statement… The most in-demand bookkeeper certification certified bookkeeper is Certified Public Accountant based on all active job postings. Having this bookkeeper certification will give you access to more bookkeeper jobs with higher salaries. Certification enables you to make your clients, customers, colleagues,employers and others with whom you do business aware of the knowledge and skill you have invested in your career in the credit industry.

NACPB Supports, Trains, Certifies, and Licenses Bookkeepers

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a global body for professional accountants with 219,000 members and 517,000 students in 179 countries. It was granted a Royal Charter in 1974 which commits it to acting in and upholding the public interest. ACCA works through a network of 110 offices and centres and 7,571 Approved Employers worldwide, and 328 approved learning providers who provide high standards of learning and development. It undertakes wide-ranging capacity building work globally and has an extensive network of partnerships with other professional accountancy organizations.

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