TaxSlayer Review 2024

Although you get unlimited phone and email support, outside of the software, TaxSlayer’s website lacks useful customer support resources. Also, navigating its knowledge base isn’t intuitive, and query results aren’t targeted as well as they should be. TaxSlayer can get simple returns filed without much fuss, but other areas are more murky. Newsweek Vault users can save up to an additional 20% off on TurboTax. For example, if you want to upgrade or downgrade your TaxSlayer plan, searching “how do I change TaxSlayer plans” yields completely irrelevant search results, mostly about 529 plans. This experience can be frustrating for those who expect a smooth, yet hands-off experience.

  1. Like TaxSlayer, certain tax filers might be eligible for free federal and state tax filing on TurboTax Free Edition.
  2. TaxSlayer’s Simply Free plan includes a federal tax return and one free state tax return filing.
  3. TaxSlayer is just one tax software for filers who want to prepare and file their annual tax returns.

The downsides of TaxSlayer have to do with some user experience within its software. For example, it lacks transparency when it comes to your progress toward completion. Also, its Simply Free version doesn’t allow for uploading or importing tax documents to save time filling out your returns.

And peruse our gift guide, which includes a full range of ideas for birthdays, anniversaries and more. The plan also includes unlimited phone and email support access if you come across any questions while completing your return. This support is available for up to a year after the IRS accepts your return. Our research is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of personal finance services and products that best suit your needs. To help you in the decision-making process, our expert contributors compare common preferences and potential pain points, such as affordability, accessibility, and credibility. FreeTaxUSA has a completely different cost structure compared to TaxSlayer pricing.

TaxAct’s Free plan only applies to filing your federal tax return, making its “Free” plan name a little misleading. TaxSlayer’s Simply Free plan includes a federal tax return and one free state tax return filing. 1099-workers or other self-employed filers who’ve filed their own tax returns in the past, and are comfortable with going through the online steps might also like TaxSlayer. The Self-Employed option is cheaper compared to competing DIY tax preparation software.

Having limitless access to a tax professional who understands the nuances of business tax filing is also valuable. TaxSlayer Classic includes a comprehensive suite of tax return forms, schedules, deductions and credits that you might want to claim. Its W-2 and 1099 upload feature helps you save time on your tax filing by auto-filling applicable fields for you. Its Deluxe Edition service provides front-of-the-line priority assistance from a live tax expert via online chat. Instead of having one-on-one support built into certain tiers and priced accordingly, Deluxe Edition is an add-on service for $7.99. It offers personalized tax advice from a tax professional and enhanced features like phone support and live screen sharing while getting assistance.

TaxSlayer Classic

This offer is available for federal tax returns e-filed by April 15, which is the official deadline to file nationwide, unless you qualify for an extension. If you choose to DIY your tax filing, the cost for filing a federal return on TurboTax how to downgrade taxslayer is up to $129, plus there may be an additional fee for state. If using TurboTax Live Assisted to have a live tax professional answer questions, fix mistakes and review your returns before filing, it’ll cost up to $219 for a federal return.

I’m sorry, but the only way to downgrade your online product is by using the “Clear and Start Over” feature.

TaxSlayer Overview

Students using TaxSlayer Simply Free can claim the student loan interest deduction. To claim this deduction on TaxAct, you’ll need to upgrade to the Deluxe plan at $24.99 and pay the state filing cost which increases for paid plans to $44.99 per state. The plan is restricted to individuals whose income is less than $100,000 and other restrictions. It’s ideal for filers whose tax situation only requires a basic 1040 IRS tax return form. Yes, TaxSlayer has been around for more than 55 years and has supported more than 10 million electronically filed tax returns in 2022.

Who Should Consider an Alternative to TaxSlayer?

Although the price is right for this DIY tax preparation software, other user experience areas need refinement. There are friction points when searching through its online support article database, and you can’t downgrade a plan on your own. Overall, TaxSlayer can be a solid free option for those who have a simple, straightforward tax situation and are confident filing online.

TaxSlayer has an upload and import tax document feature, but it’s only accessible under a paid plan. Simply Free filers need to manually fill out their return which adds extra time to the process. That said, salaried W-2 employees can also use this software to save some cash. The software itself has a simple interface, but should be fairly easy to navigate if you’re comfortable filing your returns on your own. Plus, there is some online or phone support available if you run into issues and need basic assistance.

TaxSlayer Pricing

You have the option of going through a guided Q&A process to identify the appropriate forms needed, or you can choose your own tax forms. A downside is that there’s no way of tracking your progress as you’re completing the return. It’s unclear what sections are coming up and how much further you have to go.

It provides all of the features included with the Premium plan, plus support from a tax professional who’s knowledgeable about the tax nuances of a self-employed filer. It also provides additional resources year-round, like tax and income tips and quarterly estimated tax payment alerts. TurboTax is one of the most comprehensive online tax software on the market. Its pricing varies, based on whether you prefer tackling your returns on your own, handing them off to a tax expert or a hybrid of both. It lets you claim education-related tax benefits, like a student loan interest deduction and education credits. Aside from education tax incentives, no other deductions and credits can be claimed using the Simply Free plan.

It was founded in 1965 and is headquartered in Augusta, Georgia. The service offers a 100% accuracy guarantee as well as a guarantee that it will get you your maximum eligible refund. Like TaxSlayer, certain tax filers might be eligible for free federal and state tax filing on TurboTax Free Edition. Additionally, akin to TaxSlayer, a few covered situations are included in TurboTax Free Edition, like Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax credit, and student loan interest deduction. Note that this offer is only available for new customers and does not include state filing, though you can file your state tax return for an additional fee. TaxSlayer is just one tax software for filers who want to prepare and file their annual tax returns.