What is VulkanRT, and Should You Remove It?

Our guide to VulkanRT has covered what VulkanRT is, is it safe, and how to secure it, whether you should delete it from your computer and how it got installed.

Many users have come across the VulkanRT program in the Program Files (x86) folder, or in the apps list in Windows 10. If you suspect you’ve come across this program, you may be wondering what VulkanRT is, and whether you should remove it.”

Short answer: no, you shouldn’t. VulkanRT is not harmful. It’s not a virus or malware.

Among other things, we’re gonna talk about what Vulkan (Vulkan Runtime Libraries) is about and why it’s really good for gamers.

Is VulkanRT a Virus?

Most people’s first question when they see an unfamiliar computer program is, “Is it a virus?” VulkanRT is not a virus.

VulkanRT will be discussed next in detail so you can understand how it enables gamers and professionals working with 3D graphics to take good advantage of their hardware for better performance.

What is VulkanRT (Vulkan Runtime Libraries)?

Vulkan Runtime Libraries are a cross-platform graphics API designed to improve the performance of 3D games or interactive media and make your CPU and GPU work in balance.

The Vulkan project was founded by The Khronos Group in 2014, a consortium focused on building open standard APIs. Vulkan was announced at the Game Developer’s Conference 2015 by Khronos Group.

What is VulkanRT (Vulkan Runtime Libraries)?

What is VulkanRT (Vulkan Runtime Libraries)?

The VulkanRT platform also aims to reduce CPU load in 3D applications while spreading workloads across multi-core CPUs.

However, Vulkan Runtime Libraries does not replace OpenGL completely, as there are still many use cases that OpenGL is better suited for.

Vulkan Runtime Libraries work the same way as Direct3D 12, which only works with one operating system. Vulkan Runtime Libraries will also work with Linux, Android, as well as iOS, and macOS with third-party support.

VulkanRT Features

  • Reduced load on the CPU due to reduced driver overhead.
  • The CPU can do more computations or renders with less load on it.
  • A better scaling performance on multicore processors
  • A single kernel manages to compute kernels (routines compiled for high performance). This eliminates the need for separate compute APIs.

VulkanRT can be found in which location on your computer?

The VulkanRT application might be hidden on your computer so you are anxious to see if it is available or not. It is extremely easy to find VulkanRT on your computer using either of the two methods given below:

Using the Settings app, find it

If you’re using Windows 10, you can find VulkanRT via the settings option.

  1. Press the Windows + X keys at the same time to go to settings.
  2. In the settings window, click the Apps and Features option.
  3. If the Apps and Features window appears, type “Vulkan Realtime Libraries” in the search bar to find installed applications.

In this case, you potentially have software installed on your computer that refers to VulkanRT and Vulkan Realtime Libraries.

Locate using Control Panel

  1. Firstly, open your Control Panel.
  2. After logging in, go to the “Uninstall” option. It is listed under “Programs and Features”.
  3. You can check if Vulkan Realtime Libraries is installed by typing it in the search bar.

How Did Vulkan Runtime Install on My Computer?

VulkanRT likely got installed when you updated your graphics card drivers if you installed new graphics drivers for your NVIDIA or AMD graphics card.

Installing VulkanRT might have been a part of installing your new GPU’s drivers, too, if you’ve upgraded your graphics card.

Moreover, you have the possibility of having added VulkanRT when you downloaded a new game.

In addition, Vulkan is used by many games, and certain games are even dependent upon it in order to function.

You may need to update Vulkan Runtime Libraries if they appear on your computer recently. the reason is that you might have recently added something that caused it.

Would it be better to keep VulkanRT installed or remove it?

If you’re worrying it may show up out of nowhere, you don’t need to worry. Vulkan is bundled with games, software, drivers, and other applications, so it is not dangerous.

It is okay to ignore the warning from your anti-virus software if it indicates that VulkanRT is suspicious.

Vulkan Runtime Libraries are safe to have on your computer, and you should keep it there.