Tips for keeping a laptop cool on your bed

After a long day at work or a long busy day, you might be looking forward to watching a movie in bed at the end of the day. It is imperative to learn how to cool your laptop while you are lying down to prevent it from becoming overheated. Foam mattresses serve as an insulator and block most of your laptop’s vents when you place your laptop on them. A constant flow of air is what you need!

The cooling vents on your computer receive constant airflow when you use it on a table or similar hard surface. On the other hand, putting an electronic device on a mushy surface such as a couch, bed, or blanket causes it to sink into the surface, resulting in overheating. You’ll see the cooling slots underneath your laptop if you look underneath it. It is almost impossible for the computer to maintain its temperature, even if it has those on the side. If the laptop is placed on a soft surface, they will cease to function.

If you look closely, you can see that beneath your laptop there are small feet that allow it to sit slightly higher off the surface on which it rests. When you place the tamper-resistant plug on a firm surface, this is not an issue. Due to the difference in firmness between a bed and your laptop, your laptop presses up against the bed and disrupts the circulation.

There are a number of ways to get around this situation, don’t worry. Our tips will show you how to use your laptop in bed without overheating so that you can still relax in bed and do whatever you have to do.

How to avoid overheating your laptop in bed

How to avoid overheating your laptop in bed

How to avoid overheating your laptop in bed

Use a Sturdy Surface (Lap Desk)

We have established this fact now: laptops shouldn’t be placed on soft surfaces. It is only by placing your laptop on a firm, solid surface that you can continue to use it in bed. The quickest way to achieve this is to place it on a book or a magazine if you are at home. For now, this is adequate, though it isn’t ideal.

The best solution we recommend is a small lap desk, but you can also use something more stable like a tray. This is an extremely affordable option that offers great value for your money. As well as preventing overheating, lap desks also prevent accidents like dropping your laptop. Whenever you need to work from bed on your laptop, they’re the perfect accessory.

Not only are lap desks great for using the computer, but they can also serve as a perfect spot to write, read the newspaper, use a tablet or even eat breakfast in bed while watching TV.

Buy a laptop bed stand

If you plan to use a laptop outside a desk setting, you’ll definitely run into challenges. Your neck becomes stressed by constantly looking down at your laptop while it sits on your lap. Bringing the laptop up to eye level will make the keyboard too high, causing muscular strain on the wrists. It is pretty much impossible to use a laptop comfortably on the couch or in bed if you use it.

Laptop bed stands are ideal for posture and provide better support overall. While using the device, you can also tilt the screen so that you do not have to look down while still maintaining a comfortable working height. An added benefit of laptop bed stands is that they can minimize body fatigue related to slouching. There are quite a few similarities between bed stands and lap desks, but bed stands offer a lot more control over your position so you can experiment with various angles and postures.

Buy a Laptop Cooling Pad

The ability for laptops to heat up is universal. It depends on the model of laptop and also on the purpose for which it’s being used, some heat up faster and others less. You can use a Laptop Cooling Pad to prevent the laptop from overheating in bed, rather than a lap desk or bed stand to keep your laptop working as long as possible. In addition to regulating your laptop’s operating temperature, a cooling pad reduces noise.

A cooling pad is an absolute must if you use your laptop a lot. People who run heavy-duty programs on their laptops or enjoy playing high fidelity games tend to use them with a sturdy surface. In the case of power users, a conventional notebook stand will not solve the problem completely. If your computer is extremely powerful, you must also get a cooling pad.

A cooling pad is cooled by air entering through holes on the bottom. The distance between the bed’s bottom and its surface is not big enough for the laptop to get adequate ventilation. It is much more convenient to use laptop stands in bed since they have a much better cooling effect. For the best result, you will also need a cooling pad if you work in bed constantly.

Try a nightstand

In case you cannot obtain a lap desk or cooling pad, then a nightstand is your next best choice. Despite the fact that it isn’t an ideal solution, this definitely works! Near every bed, there is a nightstand, so why not make it work for you? Reposition your nightstand for work if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to sit at a desk.

Put the nightstand at a comfortable angle so you can comfortably work, especially if you’re going to be working for a long time. Your spine and neck should not be put under unnecessary pressure. If you are lying on your side, you should have the nightstand pressed up against your bed so that your laptop can sit independently on the stand while you are on your side. Additionally, you’ll eliminate the possibility of knocking your computer over accidentally by doing this.

Connect Your Laptop to Your TV

Connect Your Laptop to Your TV

Connect Your Laptop to Your TV

As a last resort, or as a first preference, this option is an option to consider. If you do not have another option but have a TV in your room, you can connect your laptop via HDMI or through Bluetooth to the TV, and put the laptop on a desk or TV stand so it does not have to sit on your bed. However, if your TV is too far or small, then you’ll have to either move up or you’ll have difficulty seeing some of the smaller text on the screen. Furthermore, people aren’t accustomed to working further away from computer screens. In addition to a wireless mouse and a wireless keyboard, you’ll need external peripherals such as a wireless keyboard.

The best option is this if you intend to watch a movie through your laptop! What could be better than watching movies on your laptop while eating popcorn and drinking a beer while you watch the movies!

As a final note

It’s hard to say which option provides the best experience while you work in bed—but I think using a Laptop Bed Stand will keep your laptop cool and maximize the quality of your work in bed experience. In addition, electronic devices which produce a high level of heat tend to do better at cooler ambient temperatures. You shouldn’t have a problem if you live in a place where it is cold most of the year. The problem of overheating, however, is definitely a concern for those who live in a warm climate.

Please let us know if you are able to find the best solution based on your needs! Hope your laptop doesn’t overheat while you’re working in bed.