How to Connect VoIP Phone to Laptop

Using ancient communication tools such as landlines and only being able to use landline phones is a thing of the past! In today’s business world, companies care about keeping in touch, exchanging ideas, and processing information as efficiently as possible. Most businesses switched to newer business phone systems based on this reasoning.

The technology is simple to comprehend, even for those who are unfamiliar with it. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, systems allow users to place and receive phone calls over an internet connection that is both fast and stable.

Compared with traditional landlines, VoIP phones have a number of features that cannot be matched by older phone lines. With VoIP systems, users can communicate easily and easily, all at a low and affordable cost.

How a VoIP Service is Setup

It’s relatively straightforward to install this kind of system once you’ve contacted a provider and begun the VoIP setup process. Firstly, your VoIP service provider needs to set up a VoIP portal with what’s needed at their end.

How a VoIP Service is Setup

Alternatively, we can install the software and install any needed hardware on your premises the next day. Training will be provided to employees and managers on the new equipment so that they can become familiar with it.

To complete the process, once everyone is on board and ready to use the system, you will need to choose telephone numbers and locations for the numbers to be assigned to. Using VoIP systems, businesses select their own phone numbers, since the systems work over the internet and aren’t based on location. Porting of phone numbers is also available upon request, and can be accomplished on the installation day by your service provider.

You will then be able to activate the service, and you will be able to resume your regular work duties. Since certified technicians will be responsible for handling everything beforehand, employees will not have to experience any steps in the installation process themselves.

Once everything has been finalized, each individual’s telephone number will then be available. To obtain the numbers back through your new service provider, you must pay any owed amounts to your previous provider if your business used a previous system. This will ensure that your system is fully operational and ready for use.

Steps to Connect a VoIP Phone to Your Laptop

Because most VoIP phones aren’t connected directly to modems, you want to connect your VoIP phone and laptop so that they can share an internet connection. This route is easier to take because there is extra wiring and cable required.

Steps to Connect a VoIP Phone to Your Laptop

VoIP phones can be connected to a laptop either over an Ethernet port or wirelessly. However, some phones now have Wi-Fi built-in at no additional cost, making it easier to connect via Ethernet. The purpose of this article is to show you how to connect your phone using the Ethernet port, which is the method most commonly used.

  1. You must first connect the Ethernet cable to both your laptop and VoIP phone by plugging each end into a corresponding port. In addition to the power port, Ethernet ports are located behind your VoIP phone. The first is intended for PC connections; the second is for Ethernet connections. Do not confuse them.
  2. Then, reconnect the phone’s power cord, and let it try to establish an IP address. Before you can proceed, you need to establish an internet connection between the two devices.
  3. Setup of your laptop is the next step. You must first make sure it’s connected to the internet. Your laptop may offer network connections if you click the “Control Panel” icon on the screen. Most of the time, the two connections available are an Ethernet connection and basic Wi-Fi. You can open the properties of the Wi-Fi network by double-clicking on it. As soon as the page opens, you’ll see a share option; simply check the box next to this option when it appears.
  4. The Wi-Fi IP settings must also be changed along with network sharing. By clicking twice on the Wi-Fi network option, you will be able to locate its IP address. Setting up DNS and changing its settings is necessary once you find it. You can change your IP settings by copying and pasting the address and clicking ok. The Ethernet’s networking properties must be configured in the same manner. These changes will often appear automatically in your Ethernet connection properties, so you just need to make sure these numbers do not change and click “OK.”.
  5. You should now be able to connect the two devices to the internet. For these features to work, you need to update the settings and configurations of your phone. In the settings of your phone, you can update the system and activate the Ethernet connection by configuring the options. To test your desk phone, just call a simple number to confirm that it is working. This configuration can be followed to verify that it is in fact functioning. The connection is established when the call is connected. If your computer or laptop is turned on, your phone will also be connected to the Internet.

Benefits of Choosing VoIP Over a Traditional Phone Line

Compared to traditional phone lines, VoIP systems offer numerous advantages. Most importantly, these systems can be utilized by any communication device! As the system is completely based on the internet, it is available on any device with a Wi-Fi connection or data capabilities.

Benefits of Choosing VoIP Over a Traditional Phone Line

Individual phones require a substantial investment for larger companies, but most employees already have laptops for daily use. The VoIP phone is usually acquired for free by the provider, and the actual phone can quickly and easily be connected to a computer or laptop. In addition to saving money on equipment, VoIP offers lower prices for the service itself.

All required hardware is provided by your VoIP provider. There are numerous wires and switches on traditional landlines, which make it difficult to repair problems when they occur. In addition, your landline provider will be forced to suspend business functions every time updates or security patches are needed.

The use of cloud-based system providers or VoIP providers eliminates troubleshooting and the need for added equipment. With an online account, users can receive updates, request maintenance, and customize and troubleshoot their systems.

The majority of VoIP providers offer customers access to a virtual contact center, so that any issues can be resolved in a timely manner, free of charge, and accordingly.


Businesses are looking for effective communication methods that can connect all their devices through one interface. VoIP systems handle all communications needs required of organizations, and the ability to use these systems over one link is like icing on the cake.

Your employees and you will be able to access a multitude of online features when you connect your VoIP phone to a laptop. All your client interactions will be made easier, and you’ll have more time to enjoy your free time. All employees will be able to use their desk phones to make and receive calls while using their PCs to send emails or update spreadsheets with the same quick connection.

A VoIP phone system can save your company money on everything “business” related, as well as be a breeze to install. It is possible to move from the office space all of the equipment from previously used systems so that the transition is smooth. Therefore, newer phone systems, desktop computers, and internet routers will be able to be used instead of outdated equipment and software applications. It all comes down to one cable, so your devices can all work together at the same time.

Your business and employees will be able to operate at their best with this peace of mind and total flexibility provided by VoIP systems. Make the switch to VoIP phone systems, and you will save money on upfront costs and ongoing costs.